Telehealth Video & Telephone Counselling

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Video and Telephone Counselling Brings Psychotherapy to You

Help and Support in the Comfort of Your Home or Office

Individuals throughout Ontario can access experienced psychologists and psychotherapists through our online video counselling and telephone counselling services. Access licensed mental health providers from the comfort of your home or office.

Our psychologists and psychotherapists treat a range of issues, such as anger difficulties, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorderrelationship difficulties, substance abuse, and problems with work.

The most important thing to realize is that you are not alone – help is often just a phone call away.

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Video Counselling

Our Secure Video Platform Provides Privacy and Security

Our psychologists and psychotherapists provide support to individuals presenting with a range of psychological and mental health issues using private and secure online video platforms. Through our partnership with Jane, our trained clinicians can connect with you through your computer.

Telephone Counselling

Removing Barriers and Providing Support

Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the mental health system in Ontario, especially when we need help right away.

Telephone counselling can connect you quickly with trained clinical psychologists and psychotherapists. All you need is a phone and a private space to talk, and we can schedule a time to speak.

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Meet Our Psychologists and Therapists

Dr. Lesley Miller

Practice Director, Neuropsychologist & Clinical Psychologist - All Locations & Online

Primary Areas: Traumatic brain injury; Anxiety disorders; Chronic pain; Depression; & Gender identity. Locations: [...]

Dr. Erica Tatham

Psychologist/Neuropsychologist (Supervised Practice) (Adults, Seniors) - Burlington

Primary Areas: Brain injury; Dementia/Alzheimer’s; Depression; Anxiety; Trauma; Relationship difficulties; Stroke Location [...]

Dr. Taylor Hatchard

Psychologist (Adults) - Burlington & Online

Areas: Depressive Disorders; Anxiety Disorders; Posttraumatic Stress Disorder; & Emotion Regulation. Populations: Adults [...]

Dr. Cheval Chez-Roy Birchwood

Psychologist (Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Anger management; Behavioural disorders; Anxiety; Depression; & Addictions. Locations: St. Catharines [...]

Dr. Carol-Anne Hendry

Psychologist (Children, Teens, Adults) - Burlington & Online

Primary Practice Areas: Trauma; Eating disorders; Relationship difficulties; Self-esteem; & Anxiety. Populations: Chi [...]

Dr. Narmeen Ammari

Psychologist & Neuropsychologist (Adults, Seniors) - Burlington & Online

Primary Areas: Brain injury; Stroke; Dementia/Alzheimers; Depression; & Chronic pain. Populations: Adults Seniors [...]

Dr. Samantha Longman-Mills

Psychologist (Adults) - Online

Primary Areas: Anxiety; Self -Esteem; Depression; Bipolar Disorders; Chronic Pain; Trauma; Personality Disorders; & Retu [...]

Dr. Elena Ivanova

Psychologist (Teens, Adults) Online Counselling

Primary areas: Anxiety Disorders; Depression; Self-esteem; Pain management; & Anger management Location: Burlington Li [...]

Dr. Jean Dennis

Psychologist (Children, Teens, Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Brain injury & concussion; Gender identity; Autism; Learning disabilities; & Depression. Populations: [...]

Dr. Anita Hibbert

Psychologist (Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Areas: Trauma & PTSD; Anxiety disorders; Depression; Bipolar disorder; Emotion dysregulation. Populations: Adults Loca [...]

Dr. Lana Rappaport

Psychologist (Adults) - Online

Primary Areas: Borderline personality disorder; Depression; Anxiety; OCD; Trauma/PTSD Populations: Adults Locations: [...]

Dr. Areeba Adnan

Psychologist & Neuropsychologist (Adults, Seniors) - Online

Areas: Brain injury; Stroke; Dementia; Depression; Anxiety; ADHD. Populations: Adults Seniors Location: Bur [...]

Jason Stotts, M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist (Adults, Couples, Families) - Burlington & Online

Areas: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder; Depression; Grief; Sex Therapy; & Relationship Issues. Populations: Adults Licen [...]

Dr. Nicole Law

Neuropsychologist & School Psychologist (Children, Teens) - All Locations & Online

Primary Areas: ADD/ADHD; Autism spectrum disorder; Learning disabilities; Giftedness; Developmental delay/intellectual disability; [...]

Dr. Samantha Daniel

Psychologist, Supervised Practice (Adults) - Burlington & Online

Primary Areas: Perinatal mental health; Trauma; Anxiety; Depression; Relationship difficulties; Self-Esteem. Location: Bur [...]

Jennifer Edwards, M.Ed.

Registered Psychotherapist (Teens, Adults, Seniors) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Anxiety & Stress; Depression; Addictions; & Interpersonal difficulties. Locations: St. Catharine [...]

Cara Morison, M.A.

Psychologist (Adults, Couples) - Burlington & Online

Primary Areas: Couples & Relationships; Depression; Anxiety; Pain; Trauma. Licensing Body: College of Psychologists of On [...]

Sarah Husain, M.Ed.

Psychologist (Kids, Teens) - Burlington & Online

Primary Areas: Anxiety; Depression; Trauma; Grief; ADHD; Social Skills; Behaviour difficulties; Parenting. Populations: [...]

Rosina Mete, M.Sc.

Registered Psychotherapist (Teens, Adults, Seniors) St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Anxiety; Pain; Depression; Eating disorders; Relationship issues; Self-Esteem; Trauma. Location: St. Cat [...]

Sheryl Johns, M.Ed.

Registered Psychotherapist (Teens, Adults, Seniors) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Life transitions; Depression; Grief; Anxiety & Stress Management; Trauma; Relationship issues. Populations: [...]

Whitney Ringstead, M.A.C.P.

Registered Psychotherapist (Kids, Teens, Young Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Anxiety; Depression; ADHD; Autism; Parenting support/strategies; School concerns; Behavioural issues. Populat [...]

Don Webers

Registered Psychotherapist (Adults) - Online

Primary Areas: Complex mental health; Addictions; Posttraumatic stress disorder; Personality disorders; Depression; Anxiety. Po [...]

Jeffrey Sica, M.Sc.

Registered Psychotherapist (Teens, Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Complex mental health; Addictions; Gender identity; Depression; Anxiety. Populations: Teens Adults Locat [...]

Jordan Van Hoffen, M.Ed.

Registered Psychotherapist (Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Depression; Anxiety; Stress; Pain; Trauma. Populations: Adults Locations: St. Catharines Online [...]

David Sider, M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) (Children 10+, Teens, Adults) St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Anxiety; Depression; Drug and alcohol abuse; Self-harm/suicidal ideation; ADHD; & Pain Locations: [...]

Andrea Brown, M.Sc.

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) (Adults) - Burlington & Online

Primary Areas: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder/Trauma; Depression; Anxiety. Populations: Adults Locations: Burlington Onli [...]

Julie Nichols

Doctoral Psychology Practicum Student (Kids, Teens, Adults) - St. Catharines

Primary Areas: Autism; Learning Disabilities; ADD/ADHD; Depression; Anxiety; Posttraumatic Stress Disorder/Trauma. Populations: [...]

Karen Catney

Doctoral Psychology Practicum Student (Kids, Teens, Adults) - Burlington

Primary Areas: Autism; Developmental Disabilities; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; Learning Disabilities; ADD/ADHD; Depression; Anxiety [...]

Lauren Kremble

Master's Psychotherapy Internship Student (Teens, Adults) - St. Catharines

Primary Areas: Depression; Anxiety; Complex mental health; Addictions. Populations: Teens Adults Locations: St. Catha [...]