LGBTQ+ Positive Space

Our commitment to diversity

Our office is a place where human rights and diversity are respected. We understand that each client presents with complex identities in terms of ancestry, family status, dis/abilities, socioeconomicĀ  status, sex, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation.

Each client is unique, and we aim to meet the needs of each individual we serve.

transgender reassignment OHIP

Affirmative Counselling

Our psychologists and therapists provide supportive mental health counselling that is aimed at building collaborative relationships and trust over time.

We aim to listen and hear the stories that need to be told.

Our intention is to help clients continue to create new aspects of their stories in ways that strengthen and affirm a strong sense of both self and community.

Assessment & Advocacy

Removing barriers and providing support

Our psychologists and psychotherapists offer support, assessment, and advocacy for kids, teens, and adults who are exploring issues related to gender identity.

Meet our Psychologists and Therapists

Our psychologists and therapists with particular LGBTQ+ experience

Jennifer Edwards, M.Ed.

Registered Psychotherapist (Teens, Adults, Seniors) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Anxiety & Stress; Depression; Addictions; & Interpersonal difficulties. Locations: St. Catharine [...]

Dr. Lesley Miller

Practice Director, Neuropsychologist & Clinical Psychologist - All Locations & Online

Primary Areas: Traumatic brain injury; Anxiety disorders; Chronic pain; Depression; & Gender identity. Locations: [...]

Dr. Samantha Daniel

Psychologist (Adults) - Burlington & Online

Primary Areas: Perinatal mental health; Trauma; Anxiety; Depression; Relationship difficulties; Self-Esteem. Location: Bur [...]

Dr. Lee-Anne Gray

Psychologist (Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder/Trauma; LGBTTIQ+; Gifted Adults; Anxiety, Stress, and Worry; Depression. Populations: [...]

Jeffrey Sica, M.Sc.

Registered Psychotherapist (Teens, Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Complex mental health; Addictions; Gender identity; Depression; Anxiety. Populations: Teens Adults Locat [...]

Dr. Anita Hibbert

Psychologist (Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Areas: Trauma & PTSD; Anxiety disorders; Depression; Bipolar disorder; Emotion dysregulation. Populations: Adults Loca [...]

Dr. Carol-Anne Hendry

Psychologist (Children, Teens, Adults) - Burlington & Online

Primary Practice Areas: Trauma; Eating disorders; Relationship difficulties; Self-esteem; & Anxiety. Populations: Chi [...]