Gender Services for Kids & Teens

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Counselling & Psychotherapy for Kids & Teens Exploring Gender Identity

Support & Advocacy

For kids and teens exploring gender identity issues, the goals of psychotherapy are to find ways to maximize overall psychological well-being, quality of life, and self-fulfillment and relieve distress.

Psychotherapy is not aimed at altering a child’s or teen’s gender identity. Instead, psychotherapy helps a child or teen explore various aspects of their gender identity.

The aim of psychotherapy is to find satisfying and enlivening ways to express gender identity. The goal of psychotherapy is to find success and fulfillment in a child or teen’s sense of self and their functioning at home and school.

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Support for Parents & Families

Caring for yourself and your child

Decisions about changes in gender role and medical interventions for gender dysphoria have implications for not only kids and teens, but also for their parents, siblings, and extended family. Counselling & psychotherapy is available to parents. Our psychologists can provide support and guidance to parents and family members a child who is exploring gender identity issues.

Meet Our Clinicians Helping Kids and Teens with Gender Identity Issues

Dr. Carol-Anne Hendry

Psychologist (Children, Teens, Adults) - Burlington & Online

Primary Practice Areas: Trauma; Eating disorders; Relationship difficulties; Self-esteem; & Anxiety. Populations: Chi [...]

Jeffrey Sica, M.Sc.

Registered Psychotherapist (Teens, Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Complex mental health; Addictions; Gender identity; Depression; Anxiety. Populations: Teens Adults Locat [...]

Psychotherapy & Diagnostic Assessment

Learning Disabilities & ADHD

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Counselling, Assessment, & Advocacy

Services at the practice are provided in accordance with the following Professional Guidelines, Policies, and Standards of Practice:

  1. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People, 7th Version (WPATH SOC)
  2. Sherbourne Health Centre’s Guidelines and Protocols for Hormone Therapy and Primary Care for Trans Clients (2015)
  3. American Psychological Association’s Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People
  4. American Psychological Association’s Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Sexual Minority Persons
  5. Canadian Psychological Association’s Policy Statement on Gender Identity in Adolescents and Adults