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Chronic pain

How Our Psychologists Help with Chronic Pain

Support & Advocacy

Psychologists are an important part of treating chronic pain. Specifically, psychologists often work alongside a multidisciplinary team when treating pain. The team often includes the family physician, a pain specialist (who prescribes pain medications), and sometimes an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, and/or chiropractor.

The psychologist provides skills and support in dealing with chronic pain. For example, a psychologist can teach skills like relaxation, stress management, problem solving, goal setting, pacing, and techniques to improve sleep. These skills can help a person better manage their pain.

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Strategies for Pain management

Help for Chronic Pain Sufferers and Caregivers

Our psychologists use a combination of methods to address chronic pain. These methods are supported by research in the field of chronic pain and mental health.

For example, our psychologists use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for treatment of pain.

CBT is a type of therapy where the therapist and client work together toward specific goals. CBT teaches new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving that help a person cope better with life and reduce their symptoms.

Our psychologists also use acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for treatment of pain.

ACT is another type of therapy that focuses approach that focuses on helping a person identify and live according to their core values.

Mindfulness meditation is another approach our psychologists use in treating pain.

Mindfulness helps us pay attention to our experience in the present moment without actively “stirring up” difficult emotions.

Working with Insurance, Disability, and Lawyers

Let's Work Together

Sometimes, our psychologists help people with chronic pain figure out changes they want to make in terms of their work. If chronic pain has left a person disabled from their normal job, a psychologist can help the person figure out what new jobs they might enjoy and be able to do despite pain.

We are used to working with insurance adjusters, lawyers, family doctors, and other treatment providers when treating people with chronic pain. We know the language and tools that can be helpful when working with disability claims or legal issues.

Our Clinicians Providing Pain Management

Dr. Lesley Miller

Practice Director, Neuropsychologist & Clinical Psychologist - All Locations & Online

Primary Areas: Traumatic brain injury; Anxiety disorders; Chronic pain; Depression; & Gender identity. Locations: [...]

Dr. Narmeen Ammari

Psychologist & Neuropsychologist (Adults, Seniors) - Burlington & Online

Primary Areas: Brain injury; Stroke; Dementia/Alzheimers; Depression; & Chronic pain. Populations: Adults Seniors [...]

Dr. Samantha Longman-Mills

Psychologist (Adults) - Online

Primary Areas: Anxiety; Self -Esteem; Depression; Bipolar Disorders; Chronic Pain; Trauma; Personality Disorders; & Retu [...]

Dr. Charles H. Pierce

Psychologist (Kids, Teens, Adults, Families) Online

Primary Areas: Anxiety disorders; Depression; Behavioural issues; Chronic pain; Smoking cessation; & Compulsive eating [...]

Dr. Lana Rappaport

Psychologist (Adults) - Online

Primary Areas: Borderline personality disorder; Depression; Anxiety; OCD; Trauma/PTSD Populations: Adults Locations: [...]

Cara Morison, M.A.

Psychologist (Adults, Couples) - Burlington & Online

Primary Areas: Couples & Relationships; Depression; Anxiety; Pain; Trauma. Licensing Body: College of Psychologists of On [...]

Adam Ghemraoui, M.A.

Psychologist (Kids, Teens, Adults) - Burlington & Online

Areas: Anxiety; Depression; Trauma; Behavioural difficulties; & ADHD; Learning disabilities; Autism. Populations: C [...]

Sarah Lade

Therapist (Adults) - Burlington & Online

Primary Areas: Traumatic brain injury; Addictions; Depression; Anxiety disorders; Autism; Learning disabilities. Population [...]

Dr. Cheval Chez-Roy Birchwood

Psychologist (Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Anger management; Behavioural disorders; Anxiety; Depression; & Addictions. Locations: St. Catharines [...]

Dr. Jean Dennis

Psychologist (Children, Teens, Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Brain injury & concussion; Gender identity; Autism; Learning disabilities; & Depression. Populations: [...]

Dr. Lily Repa

Psychologist (Adults & Teens) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Anxiety; OCD; Depression; Relationship difficulties; Insomnia. Populations: Adults Teens Location: [...]

Natalie Phelan, M.Sc.(OT)

Registered Occupational Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist (Adults, Seniors) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Adjustment to life changes/challenges; Anxiety; Depression; Trauma; Pain; Brain injury; Relationship issues. [...]

Rosina Mete, M.Sc.

Registered Psychotherapist (Teens, Adults, Seniors) St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Anxiety; Pain; Depression; Eating disorders; Relationship issues; Self-Esteem; Trauma. Location: St. Cat [...]

Jordan Van Hoffen, M.Ed.

Registered Psychotherapist (Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Depression; Anxiety; Stress; Pain; Trauma. Populations: Adults Locations: St. Catharines Online [...]

Jeffrey Sica, M.Sc.

Registered Psychotherapist (Teens, Adults) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Complex mental health; Addictions; Gender identity; Depression; Anxiety. Populations: Teens Adults Locat [...]

Sheryl Johns, M.Ed.

Registered Psychotherapist (Teens, Adults, Seniors) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Life transitions; Depression; Grief; Anxiety & Stress Management; Trauma; Relationship issues. Populations: [...]

Whitney Ringstead, B.A.(Hon.)

Registered Psychotherapist (Kids, Teens) - St. Catharines & Online

Primary Areas: Depression Anxiety Self-harm ADHD Behavioural issues Autism Parenting strategies/support  Separation/divorce [...]

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